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Homestay Accommodation for Big Group

Why homestay?
Home- stays offer an excellent opportunity to observe and understand the life style and customs of local communities and provide a unique opportunity to stay with the local people in their homes. Travelers can witness the everyday life of local communities at close quarters by participating in the day-to-day activities of the host family. Besides, they indicate a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst local communities, ushering a new and sustainable channel for economic benefits.


Accommodation for Group

We organized big group those who are interested to experience typical village life and homestay. Currently, five home stay are actively operating between 10 -15 minute walking distances around the village. Each homestay have 03 to 06 room for guest. Guest will be distributed between the homestay according to there capacity and meal serve by same homestay. Minimum 50 guests are accommodating at a time at around the village homestays.


Homestay operators strive to make visitors comfortable, you should keep the following points in mind to make your stay enjoyable as possible.

Homestay hosts are trained to provide food and drinking water in a hygienic and palatable manner. Should you have special dietary requirements, please let the homestay host know in advance. Guest will be served traditional village food unless they request otherwise. Home - stay operators have been trained to clean and maintain toilets (Traditionally toilets are away from the main house in Sikkim, but some home-stay are beginning to make these adjustments to specifically cater to the needs of tourist) so that they are acceptable to guests and also provide clean furnishing and bed linens. The most important things is to communicate your need to the homestay operators and to remain flexible, villager are as eager to learn about your life and your culture as you are about theirs.


Activities for Group

Foot ball Match with local talent
Day Trek up to 8000ft altitude
Nature walk / Village walk
Sight seeing by Car.
Organize Picnic at River belt
Traditional Culture Program

Facilities for Group

Play Ground
Conference hall

Spiritual Discourse by Her Holiness Sri Srima Yumamang (Spiritual Guru of Limboo Communities)

Package Tariff:

Lodging & Food Rs. 1200/- per night per person
Organize Picnic at River belt. Rs. 500/- each
Over night Camping. (only for small group up to 04 to 06) Rs. 1000/- each
Traditional Culture Program with camp fire including local beer & pokora. - Rs. 250/-each
Transportation Fair =Rs. 3500/- per car (10 seated) per day
Guide Charge Rs. 800/-
Service charge 10%

∑ Remember that you are staying with a family, so please behave as a courteous guest
∑ Dress modestly. Be aware of customs, manner and culture of the local people
∑ Respect local culture by asking before taking photographs
∑ Always travel with guide
. Use dustbin
∑ Vegetation are fragile, follow designated trails
∑ Avoid littering and deposit garbage at designated place
∑ Follow the time table retain by host.
∑ Inform to host before leaving & entering outside from homestay

∑ Donít disturb wildlife or its habitat
∑ Donít buy endangered species or antiques
∑ Donít give money to children; it only encourage begging
∑ Donít smoke, drink alcohol lavishly, or talk loudly inside homestay and near sacred place.
∑ Donít pluck plants or flower.
. Avoid plastic water bottle. Use refilled water bottle